Discovering how to track an iPhone 5 might be necessary for many of us, especially if we do not trust our romantic partner or if we want to protect our children from accessing inappropriate content using this type of device. If you doubt your partner’s loyalty, you can start spying on him or her by using a small but effective tracking application that can be installed directly to the iPhone 5 device you want to monitor. This app will place in your hands call logs, all text messages, GPS location and whereabouts, media files and other similar aspects that might potentially reveal his\her intentions. Moreover, tracking an iPhone 5 is a good idea if you fear that your children might access those websites that have improper content, or chat with friends that might have a negative impact on their behavior.

iPhone 5 and the Apple Revolution

After we saw the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S gaining so much popularity, Apple has launched the new iPhone 5, which is currently one of the best-rated smartphones on the market. Based on the iOS 7.0 (now iOS 7.1) operating system, iPhone 5 integrates many features that can revolutionize the smartphone industry, competing with other major brands like Samsung and HTC. With multitasking capacities and several proprietary functions that include AirDrop, the new iPhone 5 is a success, having been used by people from all over the world since it was initially released in September 2012.

Choosing the Best Spying App for iPhone 5

If you are attempting to spy on your spouse, partner, or children’s smartphone, Highster Mobile provides the most efficient solution for tracking any iPhone 5. There are several benefits of choosing it over other applications of its kind, and these include price convenience and wide range of features that can make tracking an iPhone 5 (or any other iPhone model) substantially simpler.

In the first place, Highster Mobile comes along with call log and text messages tracking, which will obviously give you access to all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as all sent and received text messages from the iPhone 5 you are monitoring (including iMessages). For your spouse, it might be very simple to erase some calls from the call log or some text messages from the inbox/outbox, but Highster Mobile will automatically send copies of them all to your personal storage for you to review anytime and anywhere.

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Furthermore, this application will also track the emails that the person in question sends or receives. Beyond date and time, you can also see the text of the email itself, which makes Highster Mobile a valuable option for those who are looking to find solid evidence.

What sets Highster Mobile apart from other applications of its kind is its convenience. If you are afraid that your child might possibly access inappropriate content or if you think that your spouse/partner is doing something he or she should not do, this spying app will enable you to track the history and bookmarks of the Internet browser. Even if they are later deleted directly from the browser in question, they will still be sent to your personal Highster Mobile account from the servers of the company.

In addition, Highster Mobile includes Facebook tracking feature (and many other social apps like WhatsApp, LINE, etc), as well as GPS tracking for those times when you want to see where your spouse or kid is. By installing this application to the target iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, you gain unlimited access to this smartphone, including media files, such as photos and videos.

No Monthly Fees or Additional Costs + Lifetime License

If you choose to buy Highster Mobile spying app over others of its kind, you can be at peace knowing that you will only have to pay once and avoid repeated monthly fees that can get expensive over time.
Moreover, once you complete your purchase, you will not be charged any other amounts of money, which makes this option more advantageous compared to others. With this one-time payment, you will be able to always use your Highster Mobile, trust me, you never know what is happening next.

Buying Highster Mobile will allow you to get a lifetime license, which means that you will always be entitled to get support and ask questions if something does not work as expected or you find any trouble tracking an iPhone 5.

Tracking an iPhone or iPad without Access or Jailbreak

If you have no access to the iPhone 5 (or any other iPhone model) or iPad, or is impossible to do a jailbreak, then your only solution is to track and iPhone without access here. This option is very convenient in those special cases, but I still recommend that if you have access to the phone, use the more powerful application Highster Mobile.
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