FlexiSpy Omni is the best application to spy WhatsApp messages, an increasingly popular instant messaging software created for smartphones. WhatsApp is available for Android and iPhones among other mobile phone platforms, and FlexiSpy can be used on both these platforms to track the instant messages sent and received by cheating spouses without the risk of being discovered.

FlexiSpy, launched in 2005, is one of the earliest spy software for smartphones designed to work with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is so popular that is estimated around ten million messages are send every day, easily replacing regular text messages or SMS messages as the way to communicate. This application is a great way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues throughout the day.

However, WhatsApp features had attracted cheating husbands and wives in search of a way to send and receive messages and pictures without being track, safe in the belief that they cannot be discovered. FlexiSpy Omni makes it easy for parents and suspecting partners to spy WhatsApp messages and keep their kids safe and discover any unfaithful relationships.

How to Spy WhatsApp with FlexiSpy

The first step is to find out if the target phone is compatible with FlexiSpy Omni. The product homepage has a list of compatible Android and iPhone models. Most Android cell phones are compatible as long as these phones are rooted first. Same with iPhones, excluding the latest “hot out of the oven” iOS release, most cellphones are compatible once jailbreak has been applied. After purchase, you will receive all the information to download and activate the application in the target cell phone. It is a simple process that may take as long as 3 minutes, but usually less depending on your cellphone’s Internet connection speed.

Once FlexiSpy is installed on the Android or iPhone to be spied upon, it records the contents of all messages and calls made through WhatsApp on the host phone. This information is sent to a web account where you can access at any time from any internet-enabled device.

FlexiSpy comes in two versions. FlexiSpy LITE is the entry level spy app that does not have the capability to track WhatsApp messages. FlexiSpy OMNI on the other hand allows users to track WhatsApp messages on their cheating partners’ or kids’ phones, in combination with other powerful spy features, like listening to live calls.

How to Protect Children

What many adults don’t realize is that one of the main forms of communication among teens is their mobile phones. WhatsApp is one of the major apps used by teens to chat and share photos and videos. Moreover, the majority of teens are not equipped to be circumspect or mature about what they do. This can be a source of concern for parents.

With the high level of connectivity via social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there have been cases where images and videos shared have had harmful effects on teens. Washington Post has reported that as many as 18 percent teenage boys and 22 percent teenage girls have admitted to sharing semi-nude videos or pictures of themselves. This type of activity can make kids targets for cyber predators and social censure.

FlexiSpy gives parents the tools that they need to monitor their children’s WhatsApp activity in order to help them protect and guide their kids. It offers parents almost complete control over their children’s WhatsApp usage.

FlexiSpy’s facilities allow parents to locate their kids instantaneously, protect them from bullying and cyber predators and encourage responsible use of mobile phones. When the spy app has been downloaded, installed and activated into the teen’s phone, parents can track WhatsApp text messages and multimedia messages, contact book details and even carry out GPS tracking, listening in on conversations and bugging the phone to listen in on the surroundings.

How to Catch Cheating Partners

Studies and surveys show that as many as 45 percent of women and 60 percent of men admit to have had affairs. Many people are unaware of their cheating partners and the high incidence of infidelity.

Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp play a big role in facilitating contact between the cheater and the third party. Greater connectivity and technology has made it easier for partners to cheat, however they have also made it easier to track the cheating.

FlexiSpy Omni works effectively because the person being spied on is not aware that his or her WhatsApp communications are being monitored. They may even not be aware that a technology exists to track WhatsApp usage. When the spying partner or spouse has the incriminating evidence in hand, they can save it on their computer or mobile phone and choose their course of action.

Cheating can result in STDs, HIV, broken families and mental stress which no one deserves. Children can face bullying and sexual harassment on account of careless use of WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. Protecting families has been made somewhat easier by FlexiSpy. Visit the official website and find out more about how to purchase the application and learn more on how to use it most effectively.

You can read more about FlexiSpy visiting our review page.

Aiken Larsen
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Aiken Larsen, a Norwegian student currently living in the United States. If you are trying to find a way to track a cell phone, either because you suspect something is just not right or you want to protect your children, I hope you find this place informative and helpful.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to track my spouse’s whatsapp messages as she is currently in overseas for work. As I read the article, it require to install the spy device on her phone. However, I do not have her phone with me. Is there any other alternate way? I only have her mobile number

    • Sadly, there is no other way to spy a smart phone effectively. You need to have access to the phone (unless it’s an iPhone) to install the tracking app.


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