How to spy on text messages coming and going from an Android or iPhone is not difficult, as a matter of fact it can be accomplish in just 3 easy steps. When tracking a smart phone you don’t want to make any mistakes that will complicate things, follow this guide and you will be able to spy text messages, chats, emails and much more in an easy, effective and safe way, without any chance of being discovered.

Top 2 Reasons to Spy Text Messages

As a concerned parent who cares about his or her children future’s well-being, it is very important to spy on text messages and emails from your children regularly, to stay informed about their latest activities and find what they are going through on a daily basis.

We can never be one-hundred percent certain that our children is out of danger and by monitoring their conversations will have the upper-hand to avoid many problems before these get out of control. Monitoring text messages, social app chats and emails, not only protects your children from any potential danger, but also lets you educate or advice them on the areas that make them vulnerable, so that they can be able to make the right choices all times. Finding apps to spy on text messages, phone conversations, emails, pictures and more without alerting the user is the best approach to achieve this goal.

The second reason is a bit more selfish. If you need to make sure no one is lying to you or take advantage of your trusting nature behind your back, the most effective way to find the truth is discovering how to spy on text messages, social chats, phone conversations, location and more. Every bit of information that goes and comes to the smartphone, Android or iPhone, can help you find the truth and you need the perfect app to capture and put this information in your hands.

In any of these situations, or any other situation you might find yourself, be sure that the problem is not going away by itself. Time will not make this problem disappear, as a matter of fact in many occasions it can get much worse. If your child is the target of bullies at school or from the web, there is an urgency to stop this behavior and protect your child as soon as possible, before depression takes hold and the problem gets worse.

How to Find the Perfect Apps to Spy on Text Messages, Emails, Conversations and More

There are one or two excellent apps to spy on text messages, emails, locations, conversations and more. I will describe the benefits of each and give you all the information you need to make a good choice. Let’s talk about each one of these two apps:

  1. Highster Mobile Pro (click to jump to this part)
  2. Spyera Spyphone Pro (click to jump to this part)

1. Highster Mobile (Click here to visit their official information page)

Highster Mobile is a handy app used to spy text messages, emails and more on all Android and iPhone device. It simply serves as your little personal virtual spy, capturing and presenting you with all the information that comes and goes through the monitored phone. It will be easy for you to take the correct action based on evidence and not in suspicions.

Highster Mobile official page
Highster Mobile official page
[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” width=”500px” ]Please click here to visit the official page for the most complete and effective yet inexpensive way to track an iPhone and discover the truth in just minutes.[/box]

This monitoring app enables you to capture all the information your children is coming in contact without even them knowing, giving you full access to any little mischief they might be planning. At least you’ll be in a better position to make a clear-cut decision, or stop alienating or alarming occasions quite early before such drastic situations grow their toll.

A small note here, this application is 100% undetectable and the iPhone or Android’s cell phone user won’t notice any change in functionality once installed. Is up to you to inform your children or not about the presence of this monitoring app in the cell phone they use. Some parents like to deal with this situation without any secrets, while other parents see the secrecy as an important ally to better understand and protect their children. The app is flexible enough to accommodate both situations and I am sure you are able to take the correct decision about this matter. Now, to the technical stuff (and to show you how easy monitoring really is…)

Installing Highster Mobile App from the Web Browser

Installing this tracking app on any android device is quite simple and easy, it takes just a few minutes for everything to be ready and start to spy text messages. You can start installing the application in two ways:

  1. Enter the download link directly into the smartphone web browser navigation text. This is by far the easiest and fastest way.
  2. You can download the application to your computer first, and then transfer to the Android phone using a regular USB cable or Bluetooth.

You can follow these 3 simple steps to install the tracking app on any smartphone (of course, the instructions to spy text messages might differ a bit depending on the model being an Android or an iPhone):

  1. Type the link provided to you from the Highster Mobile official site directly into the browser of the target smart phone to start the download process.
  2. Enter the license key (sent by email) at the end of the installation process to activate the tracking application.
  3. Enter the phone number of the Android or iPhone cell phone. This will pair both the license and the host’s cell phone number.

That’s it. The tracking app will start capturing information automatically (capturing emails, pictures and chats, spy text messages and locations). This is all you need to do to know how to spy on text messages, emails and every bit of information you need to discover the truth.

Keep in Mind That…

  • You should not install the tracking application on your own phone, it’s meant for other devices you want to track or monitor (Android or iPhone). There is no way to monitor an Android remotely, but this apps just takes under 4 minutes to install so is the fastest way to get a monitoring app in an Android phone. You can monitor an iPhone remotely by ways of spying the user’s iCloud storage using this app: click here to visit the Remote iPhone Tracking App
  • The monitoring app is 100% undetectable once installed in the target phone. So the owner of the device won’t know by any means you’re monitoring them.
  • The tracking app captures all text messages, phone logs, emails, photos, videos, chats from social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Also, you will be able to see where the cell phone has been all day or night by seeing the captured GPS coordinates on Google Maps. Apps like WhatsApp are becoming more and more powerful, you can read this article to learn more about its latest features:
  • You will be able to review all this information from any device with access to the Web. Day or night it doesn’t matter, this information will be available 24/7/365.

What Makes this Tracking App a Bestseller

  • Easy to Operate: The app has a friendly and simple user-interface that makes monitoring tasks become such a breeze, so you can always stay updated with what is happening and where is the phone currently. This is by far the easiest way to know how to spy on text messages, emails and everything else.
  • Purchase Warranty: Your purchase comes with a Money-Back Guarantee. If you have any doubts you can rest assure that your purchase comes with no risks… it works or you get your money back, is that simple.
  • One-time Payment: Highster Mobile is the only application in the market where only a one-time payment is required to gain full access to all features for whatever time you need to track the Android or iPhone cell phone. Once purchased, there are no additional fees or monthly bills attached. And that single payment is not that much expensive than other comparable apps in the market.

2. Spyera (Click here to visit their official information page)

Spyera is a great tracking app for monitoring texts and conversations on any iPhone or Android phone.
Spyera is a great tracking app for monitoring texts and conversations on any iPhone or Android phone.

Spyera is a tracking app a bit more advanced than Highster Mobile. It comes with more spy tracking features among those, these are the most important:

  • You will be able to listen to conversations.
  • You will be able to listen the phone’s surroundings activating the microphone remotely.

If there is a need to listen to conversations to find the truth or to have undeniable proof of some wrongdoing, this is the best app. Easy and fast to install, reliable and 100% undetectable.

If you want the best tracking app to find the truth right away, this is the perfect spying app for you.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” width=”500px” ]Please click here to visit the official page for Spyera Pro, the most complete and effective yet inexpensive way to track an iPhone or an Android and discover the truth in just minutes.[/box]


Don’t let your worries about your children keep you awake at night. Using a tracking application on his or her Android o iPhone cell phone is easier than you think. Being able to review all your children’s chats, emails, phone logs and GPS locations will allow you to be a proactive parent and solve any issues before these become problems that can affect your children grades, health and state of mind.

Now that you know how to spy on text messages, emails and conversations is important to take the next step by visiting their website and start the path to discover the truth.

Aiken Larsen
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Aiken Larsen, a Norwegian student currently living in the United States. If you are trying to find a way to track a cell phone, either because you suspect something is just not right or you want to protect your children, I hope you find this place informative and helpful.


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