Are you looking for an effective way to catch a cheating spouse texting?

If the answer is YES, then you are at the right place.

Some time ago, I also needed to catch a cheating spouse texting, I needed to read each of her text messages and make sure what was going on behind my back.

I did use another solution to catch cheaters texting, but I wish I had access to the solution I will show you in this article.

Why? Because is fast, safe and there is no way to be detected.

Let’s take it step by step and you will know what the best next step is to catch a cheating spouse texting and how to review each and every message in just minutes.

If you want to read about the solution right away, please click here to jump to the solution I recommend to catch a cheating spouse texting and messaging.

Why Is So Difficult to Catch Cheaters Texting?

This is probably one of the first questions you came up with after suspecting something was just not right in your relationship.

Why is so difficult to catch cheaters texting?

How can I catch a cheating spouse texting and messaging in 2018?

Because when someone needs to hide something, that person learns really quickly every trick in the book to hide and disappear every single clue from the cellphone.

For most of us, we have no reason to learn how to keep our chats and text messages a secret.

Deleting text messages is not difficult, and this little step can hide the truth from most of us.

Cleaning all cellphone cache, as well as the cellphone history logs is not difficult either, and in most cases, the user will successfully hide all clues of any wrongdoing.

Maybe you are lucky and are able to take a peek at a text message you were not supposed to see. it happens! Not very often, but it happens. You could get lucky and discover the truth really fast.

In real life though, that is never the case.

To catch a cheating spouse texting, or read any message he or she forgot to erase is almost impossible.

The worst part is that it will require patience and time, and really, who wants to wait to find the truth?

Cheaters learn to be careful about text messages and chats that can be compromising.

 What they don’t know if that there is a safe and fast solution to capture every single text message and chats that go through the cellphone. 

The solution I will present to you is fast and easy to use.

Is 100% undetectable also, so there is no need to worry about being discovered.

This cheating spouse app works in Android and iPhone cellphones.

Let’s find out more about how to catch a cheating spouse texting using a cellphone monitoring app in the next sections.

Is there a “Catch a Cheating Spouse App” in the Market Today?

Yes, there are many. Some are good, one or two are great, but a lot of them are just terrible.

And by terrible, I mean having an alert displayed on the spouse’s cellphone. If that happens you will know that not only you were not able to find the truth, now you have a new big problem trying to explain your behavior and the cheating tracker.

 Choosing the right cellphone monitoring application is crucial. 

Choosing the best application to spy a cheater gives you many benefits like for example:

  • Fast and easy to install, in some cases 100% remotely or taking less than a couple of minutes to complete installation.
  • 100% undetectable, no visual or audible alarms are send to the cellphone.
  • You will be able to search through many different kinds of information that goes through the cellphone, for example: text messages, WhatsApp chats, Facebook updates, location by GPS, phone calls, emails, photos and videos, contact list, list of visited web pages and many more.
  • 100% risk free. You are not wasting your money, if the tracking app doesn’t work, you get your money back. And the truth is that the tracking app might not work in all of the thousands of different setups that exist in the US alone, and that is why the guarantee is honored.
  • 100% free updates in case one of the apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, or even the operating system: Android or iOS) makes a change, you can rest assured that the fix will be in place quickly and without having to pay a penny.
  • Peace of mind. Yes, it is a professional cellphone tracking application with many years in the market and one of the bestselling apps year after year.

I hope that by now you have a better idea what my solution to catch a cheating spouse texting is (using a cellphone tracking app) and why do you need one.

Let’s take a look at the steps to start reading text messages today.

discover how to catch a cheating spouse texting

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cellphone

If you want to catch cheaters texting, you basically are going to need the best cellphone tracking app (and the cheapest) to find the truth in just minutes and without any issues.

This is where this part of the article gets separated depending on the model of the cellphone you want to track.

It is not important what is YOUR cellphone model, it only matters the model of the cellphone you want to spy.

Just pick one of the two:

  1. You want to track an Android (click here).
  2. You want to track an iPhone (click here).

Let’s take a look at each one of these options in more detail.

1.       How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Texting on an Android.

To be able to capture all text messages sent and received on an Android you need to have access to the Android smartphone.

Sadly, there is no way around this requirement.

The way the Android operating system works does not allow for remote tracking of the text messaging or any other functions.

Sometime ago it was possible to capture the messages coming out or in using Bluetooth, but not anymore. Android is now a more secure app and all communications are encrypted to protect the user’s privacy.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time to download and install the tracking app.

Just a couple of minutes is enough to put in place the app to catch your cheating spouse.

 The PREMIUM version offers an incredible benefit, the possibility to record every keystroke on the user’s Android cellphone. This is a great way to capture social chat conversations for example. 

You will be able to capture all text messages and locate the Android cellphone on a map using GPS.

Here are the steps you need to take to catch your cheating spouse texting:

  1. Visit the official information page by clicking here. You will not go to a cart or checkout page, no tricks here. On the information page you will be able to review all requirements, benefits and price without any commitment to buy anything.
  2. If you decide the tracking app is for you (and I am sure you will), you need to decide for how long you want to use the spying application and click on the BUY button. That will take you to the purchase page.
  3. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with all the information to login to your control panel web page and read the step-by-step manual, access the downloads, and review all the captured information.
  4. Access the download page from the Android cellphone you want to track and once completed, the installation starts automatically. Again, it should only last for a couple of minutes.
  5. Once installed, enter the activation code.
  6. That’s it. Once activated you will receive all the captured information automatically on your control panel web page.

Those basic steps will put in your hands all the information you need to find the truth.

There is no better (and safe) way to uncover your cheating spouse.

Please, make sure you trust a professional cellphone tracking application to catch a cheating spouse text messages and chats. I am sure the application I recommend on this page will help you put in your hands all the information you need, while keeping this adventure a secret.

2.       How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Texting on an iPhone.

Catching a cheating spouse texting on an iPhone in 2018 is easier than you think.

You don’t even need access to the iPhone smartphone to be able to read all the text messages and WhatsApp chats.

You don’t need to install anything on the iPhone.

And you don’t need to do a complicated jailbreak either. If you are not sure what that means, I am glad, is a painful, long and risky process to be able to install third-party apps (apps not present on the AppStore) like the tracking software.

Here are the steps to start catching your cheating spouse text messages and WhatsApp chats:

  1. Visit the official information page by clicking here. From here you can get all the information, requirements, benefits and price without any compromise to buy anything.
  2. Decide for how long you want to use the application and click any of the BUY buttons.
  3. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with all the information you need to login into your control panel web page.
  4. From your control panel web page, you will be able to configure the iCloud information. After that, the information from the iPhone smartphone will start to appear on the web pages for you to review.

That’s it.

Like I said before, you don’t need access to the iPhone or to do a jailbreak.

You will be able to review all text messages, WhatsApp chats, Wi-Fi locations, contacts, phone calls and much more from your control panel.

This tracking app is 100% compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions.

Also, is 100% undetectable and 100% guaranteed.

Don’t waste another minute, go visit the information page listed on step 1 and you will find that this is the best monitoring app at an incredible low price.

Find the Truth

I hope this article helps you understand how to start capturing and reading text messages and chats from a cellphone.

But not only that, with a complete tracking app like this one, you will be able to track your partner iPhone location, and also the location of an Android smartphone using GPS.

You are just a few steps from finding the truth.


It is a terrible problem to have to find ways to catch a cheater texting.

Is a problem I had many years ago, and like I said before, I wished there was a professional monitoring application at that time able to capture all the information I needed to discover the truth.

Nowadays is very easy to capture text messages and chats from cellphones like Android and iPhone. Well, is easy if you are using the best application to track and spy on these messages.

If you decide to save a dollar every day and find another method, then it might not be that easy, and could be even dangerous.

Don’t waste any time. You did great finding and reading this article (thanks BTW), now take the next step.

Now you know how to catch a cheating spouse texting in 2018 using a perfect solution, go ahead and take the next step, visit the information pages and start reading those messages today.

Aiken Larsen
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Aiken Larsen, a Norwegian student currently living in the United States. If you are trying to find a way to track a cell phone, either because you suspect something is just not right or you want to protect your children, I hope you find this place informative and helpful.


  1. Thanks for answering all my questions about this spy app. I didn’t know much about this, but feel confident now to go ahead.

    • Hello Michael, yes, it captures all text messages, even if the user deletes the messages from memory, you will have a copy waiting to be review. 100% private and safe. 100% undetectable. Thanks for your question.


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