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How to Track your Spouse iPhone Location using GPS

When you understand how to track your spouse iPhone location using GPS, you can get accurate information on their whereabouts. People need this information for many different reasons. Men and women who suspect that their partner is cheating can use monitoring software to track an iPhone or Android cellphone and learn where they are when they are outside of their home. It also comes in handy if you have a spouse that likes to participate in outdoors activities by themselves. If there is an emergency, you can easily locate them.

DISCLAIMER: This is an old article, and many changes on terms and conditions had occurred for many of the cellphone tracking apps. While is not illegal to recommend, test, or sell this kind of applications, when purchasing is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure he or she is following the law of the state, city, andor country that applies by jurisdiction. If you have ownership of the cellphone you want to monitor is very likely you are not breaking any laws, but like I said before, if you want to buy this kind of software make sure to check you are using it legally.

UPDATE: This article has been updated on February 25th, 2017 to remove some outdated information, add a disclaimer, new pictures, new information and new links. If you like it and is helpful, please share this article with your friends.

Importance of Using GPS to Track a Spouse You Suspect of Cheating

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it is important to use every means at your disposal to confirm whether your suspicions are true. Modern technology has given men and women ways of getting information that they did not have available to them in the past. GPS tracking software installed in the iPhone you want to monitor allows you to know your spouse’s exact position any time you want to. You already took the first step to discover how to track your spouse iPhone location and more.

There are sometimes happy outcomes when someone suspects that their partner is cheating and puts monitoring software in action. In these instances, they are able to confirm that their partner really is where they say that they will be. The software can confirm that they actually are avoiding an old boyfriend or girlfriend’s house, or other places that were risky for them to be at. In these instances knowing their location can give you the reassurance you need that they are being faithful to you.

Having a log of a partner’s locations will come in handy if you are thinking of divorcing a cheating spouse. It is documentation that helps to prove how long the cheating went on for. It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were in a different location from where they said that they would be.

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How Your Partner’s iPhone’s GPS Service Works

Your spouse’s iPhone contains a chip that sends a signal out to Wi-Fi hotspots around them. This built-in chip utilizes a system known as Wi-Fi positioning. It works even when your spouse changes their phone number. If their service provider does not allow them to make calls for some reason, you can still use Wi-Fi positioning to locate them.

What is the Solution to Tracking Your Spouse’s GPS Location?

track your spouse iphone location using gpsUsing a cellphone tracking application you can monitor patterns of movement because data from their iPhone or iPad device is sent directly to you through the company’s data storage servers.

You can check where the iPhone or Android cellphone is located in a Google Map using their own GPS. All the captured GPS (or Wi-Fi) coordinates are send almost immediately to the tracking application host servers and wait there for you to check at anytime, from any device with access to the web.

You can also use a new feature GEO-FENCING. Geo-fencing is like building an invisible virtual wall so that every time the tracked cellphone enters or exit this zones you are alerted by email. You can set an unlimited number of virtual boundaries and you will be able to view the history of the cellphone movements on a map. There is no easier way to track a cellphone automatically and be alerted every time the cellphone is where it should not be. Think for example, you creating a boundary around your house and receiving an alert every time the person leaves your home. Very handy indeed.

Benefits to Track Your Spouse’s iPhone

There are numerous advantages to using a cellphone tracking application to monitor an iPhone, including:

  • You can capture all kinds of data at a very low cost.
  • You can review all the captured information from any device connected to the web at anytime.
  • Easy and fast installation and automatic operation means no wasted time learning how to operate this app.
  • 100% undetectable. No alerts and no icons after installation.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For an affordable price you get complete access to an application that can give you accurate, detailed information on your spouse’s location at any time of the day or night. If they say that they are working late, you should be able to spot their position on the map that comes with the program. The map is easy to understand so you never have to wonder if you are misinterpreting what you are seeing.


(infographic courtesy of http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/16/where-people-cheat_n_4425534.html)

No one really wants to know that their spouse has been cheating. Using monitoring software to establish that they have been faithful allows you to put your doubts aside and put renewed energy into the relationship. If you see that they are being unfaithful, then you can take steps to protect your health and make better decisions for your life.

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